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Appalachia Cannabis Strain Review

Appalachia Cannabis Strain Review

Cannabis Strain

It is a general understanding that strains are available in three categories that is cannabis Indica, cannabis Sativa, and the intermediate cannabis ruderalis. Strains that are often high in THC will have the THC potency exceeding 20%. There are varying types of cannabis strains depending on the breeding practices that the reader employs. The article shall consider the details about the Appalachia cannabis strain and what you need to know about the strain.

What Is the Appalachia Cannabis Strain?

Appalachia Cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid because of the parent breeds that are the Tres Dawg and the Green crack. Appalachia can accord the user with a potent high, but of course, with a good experience, you won’t have issues with the strain.

The strain breeders have definite reasons for whatever they make. Green crack, for instance, will provide extra focus and energy, while the Tres Dawg has other energy-driven reasons. Choosing Appalachia implies that you are settling for a product that has a better energy supply with a potent high. If you are looking for a cerebral and body high, you should consider an Appalachia cannabis strain.

When we consider the customer comments, it is evident that Appalachia will accord you sufficient energy, cerebral high but will eventually lead to a relaxation that leads to a smooth sleep. The first effect that you experience soon is euphoric because of the high THC content. It may not be surprising if you burst into giggles, happiness, and extreme high, because that is what Appalachia does, but it won’t last for long. Appalachia use will not result in a couch-lock, but you need to make good use of the instant energy that it supplies soon because the gradual relaxation will take you to a night of deep sleep.


The first thing that you will want to know about the strain is the Aroma. First, there is an immediate skanky fragrance that is interspersed with a hint of sweetness and citrus. Of course, the Aroma will be evident once you break the buds. The first smell that is almost instant is the whiff of pine and hash.


The easiest way to detect the flavor is through lighting. When you light the Appalachia, the first flavor that will get to your nostrils is the skanky and herbal taste. The taste is not bad for the people in need of a smooth smoking experience. It is best for people who are careful with their lungs because it is not strong.


Appalachia has elongated flowers. Their buds have that classic Sativa appearance, and the leaves are dull green. You will notice the bright orange pistils that stand out even more. If you need fine Appalachia, you should consider a grinder.

Cannabis Strain

Appalachia Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Appalachia seeds are not available in the market, and you will only find the clones and the clippings. No seeds are available for commercial sales, and of course, when you plant the clones, you will skip the germination process. It is possible to grow them as an indoor or an outdoor plant, but you will need humid and warm conditions if you strictly do it as an outdoor plant.

Appalachia is often tall and spindly like the green crack and will need some trimming if you opt to grow it as an indoor plant. It wants to be pleasant to watch your Appalachia take all the spaces in your room. The indoor flowering time will happen after 8 to 10 week, and the yield range from 10 to 12 ounces per square meter you plant.

Outdoor Appalachia growers will get around 12 ounces of bud per plant and the harvesting season is October. Harvesting is more accessible, but you should take some time to dry and curate it if you intend to enjoy better flavor and potency. You can hang the buds in a room with 50% humidity and a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You will only transfer to the glass mason jar when you are sure they are dry and well-curated.

THC Content

THC is the most common compound found in the cannabis plant. Choosing Appalachia is a decision to take a strong product, and the THC range from 16-18%. Some cuts can reach 22%, but they are often 16-18%. If you are a novice, you can take it, but it should be slow for beginners because it hits the eyes quickly, and you should be careful if you don’t want disorientation.

CBD Content

The hemp plant and marijuana both belong in the cannabis plant family. And CBD originates from these two cannabis natures. The CBD content in Appalachia is 1%, but it remains a popular MMJ option.

Medical Benefits of the Appalachia Cannabis Strain

Marijuana is not for everyone, and you should not overlook every detail. There is still much going on about the research, and it might be too early to conclude about the product. The proponents agree that it is an infective anti-inflammatory drug and will be a potential product to ease headaches and nausea. Some users also trust Appalachia for treating depression and stress because it influences moods. The uplift in moods is why you won’t have time for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Possible Side Effects of the Appalachia Cannabis Strain

Every product which is high in THC levels will have some possible side effects. The euphoric feeling may not be best for everyone. If you are careful with issues of disorientation, then you should be mindful of the amount of THC that you consume. It may not be a good option for people who have a low THC tolerance.

Appalachia strain will initially hit you between the eyes, and you will develop bloodshot eyes if you are a beginner. It may also cause a dry throat, but it may not happen for individuals with high tolerance. It will be wise to start with a low dose as you taste your tolerance. You can gradually improve when you have a high tolerance.

In case of an adverse impact after taking the product, you should stop it immediately and seek help from your physician. Appalachia is for the pro users that can tolerate high THC contents, and beginners should look for something that will gradually admit them to the Strain family.

Bottom Line

Weed strain Appalachia could be an option if you are looking for something to help you get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. Apalachicola cannabis strain is easy to grow, and you only need to follow the procedures. It has high THC consistent, and you should not try it if your THC tolerance is low.


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