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CBD Dosage- How Much CBD to Take

CBD Dosage- How Much CBD to Take

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CBD is among the active ingredients that are found in cannabis plants. We believe that you are aware that CBD products may offer health benefits, but that also comes with its fair share of risks. With the massive growth of the CBD market, research into this cannabinoid has also expanded. However, confusion is still there about CBD legality, safety, and effectiveness, and how to dose and use CBD. You should know that CBD products are legal federally, but this will vary at the state level. The main reason for all this confusion is the fact that the FDA does not regulate CBD. This, therefore, means that everything from the quality, dosage, and safety of CBD products is still in question. In this article, we dive in to understand CBD dosage based on what research says. We shall also get to know some benefits and side effects to expect when using CBD. Let us get started!

What the Research Says About CBD

In the past few years, CBD has been the subject of discussion and research. According to a 2017 review, so much research illustrates CBD as a relatively safe treatment. However, studies in this review did not disclose a universal dosage of CBD that will fit everyone. As opposed to that, the study noted that different people would respond differently to various CBD dosages. This was according to animal studies whereby these studies were carried out on different animals. In many human studies, the dosages used were anywhere between 20 to 1500mg every day. That said, it is good to recognize that there is so much that we are not aware of CBD. Given the growing nature of the industry, researchers will probably carry out more studies on cannabis and its derivatives.

Research into Dosage

You might be aware that the FDA has already approved CBD usage for a rare form of epilepsy. In this regard, doctors know too little about the dosage that people must take when they are using CBD for other medical reasons. Just like any other drug, the best dosage will be the one that brings the desired therapeutic effects and remains well-tolerated. In some clinical studies, researchers used different oral CBD dosages that ranged from 100 to 800mg every day. Other studies used even higher dosages.

According to some reviews, someone had improved psychosis, having taken 1200mg CBD daily for a few weeks. Another study showed that schizophrenia patients reported benefits by increasing dosages between 40 and 1280mg daily for 4 weeks. In yet another study that looked into the effects of CBD among psychosis and Parkinson’s disease patients, 6 people got significant improvements in symptoms using a dosage of 150mg daily. It is, however, essential to consult a doctor to determine an effective dosage and to discover whether CBD products are safe.

How to Calculate Dosage

Luckily, some CBD capsules, gummies, and pills indicate the amount of CBD in one serving. For instance, a bottle package of CBD capsules could indicate that every capsule has 5mg of CBD. When using CBD oil, there is a high chance that it comes in some dropper bottle. In most cases, the packaging indicates the amount of CBD in one drop. With that, it will become easy to figure out the number of drops that you should use.

There are times when it becomes difficult to tell the amount of CBD in a single drop. The reason for that is that the packaging might indicate the total CBD amount in the whole bottle. This makes it hard to know the CBD amount in a single CBD oil drop. A single drop is around 0.05ml, and this is not a complete dropper but a single drop. With this, it means that a 10ml CBD oil bottle has 200 drops. If the packaging for the 10ml bottle indicates that the bottle has 1000mg CBD, every drop will have around 5mg of CBD. Therefore, if you are looking to have a dosage of 20mg of that CBD oil, you will need to take 4 drops.

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How Much Should You Take?

If your doctor hasn’t provided a recommendation, it is advisable, to begin with, smaller dosages and gradually increase that. This can mean starting with a dosage of 20-40mg daily. After one week, you could increase the dosage with 5mg if desired effects are not discovered yet. This should continue until you realize desired effects for the symptom that you are treating. CBD dosage varies with the intended use of CBD. ACCORDING TO RESEARCHERS, the CBD dosage chart below shows the recommended dosage and administration form based on the condition you are treating.

  • CBD dosage for anxiety– 300 to 600mg (oral)
  • Type 2 diabetes– 100mg 2 times a day (oral)
  • Bowel disease– 5mg 2 times a day (sublingual)
  • CBD dosage for pain (due to cancer)– 50-600mg daily (oral)
  • Parkinson’s disease– 75 to 300mg daily (oral)

Factors That May Influence the Dosage

People are different, and for that reason, different factors will influence CBD dosage. Based on why one is using CBD or generally the medical condition they wish to address, the dosage will vary. Some individuals will need a high dosage for epilepsy, while just a tiny dosage could be ideal for anxiety.

The other factor that you need to consider before using CBD oil is body weight. In most clinical trials and administering Epidiolex, doctors usually calculate a dose for every kg of an individual’s body weight. In this regard, people weighing less take lower dosages compared to those who have more weight.

Alcohol and other depressants for the central nervous system could increase the sedation effects of CBD. People on other medications that could lead to drowsiness are advised to avoid CBD or use lower CBD dosages. Before mixing other drugs or alcohol with CBD, you need to consult the doctor whether that is safe or not.

People will also be required to consider the CBD dosage in every CBD form. A CBD capsule has a specific dosage, but the dosage of the oral solutions will depend on the volume. For instance, CBD solutions with 25mg CBD for every ml could offer 125mg of CBD with a full teaspoon that equates to 5ml.

What Dosages are Safe?

We have to admit that data on humans is minimal as far as the effects of using pure CBD are concerned. All the same, researchers suggest that CBD toxicity is relatively low. According to a study conducted on animals, CBD will not affect bodily functions and behavior. This is because the animals do not get higher dosages than 30mg orally daily for 90 days or 150mg intravenously.

In a physical dependence study among humans, researchers administered 1500mg CBD daily for 4 weeks. Participants never went through withdrawal after the trial period of 28 days. Yet another study found out that doses of at most 1500mg daily were adequately tolerated.WHO also reports that individuals usually tolerate CBD so well. It does not cause a ‘high,’ and it will never have similar abuse potential as cannabis.

Benefits of CBD

  • CBD is among the many different compounds that exist in cannabis plants. Cannabis has been in use in holistic medicine for several years. However, it was only recently when researchers started exploring the benefits of CBD and several cannabinoids. Even though more research is still needed, there is evidence that CBD can have several health benefits. Below are some of the benefits you could get from using CBD oil:
  • Depression alleviation– Studies suggest that this cannabinoid could influence how the brain responds to serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that has a role in your moods. People who are suffering from depression have deficient serotonin levels. CBD could therefore help the brain to use the available serotonin more effectively.
  • Sleep improvement– Even though the reasons are yet to be fully understood and demand further research, CBD seems to treat sleep issues. All the same, some studies have found that CBD users get improvements in their sleep quality.
  • Reducing anxiety– This is a mental condition from which most people are suffering. According to research, CBD could help to alleviate the acute symptoms of most anxiety-related issues. These include generalized anxiety disorder as well as social anxiety disorder.

Side Effects of CBD

Given that CBD is generally adequately tolerated doesn’t imply that one will never experience any undesirable effect. Among the common side effects that most users experience whenever they take CBD include:

  • Weight changes
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • Changes in appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea

Other side effects can take place without people noticing them. Some of them include:

  • Liver failure
  • Injuries from mixing CBD with alcohol and other depressants
  • Interactions with other medication

The Bottom Line

As indicated in this article, so many factors influence what CBD dosage one can use. Still, researchers have identified that there are drugs that will interact with CBD even though evidence lacks for that. This is another factor that can affect the CBD dosage that one could keep up with. As far as understanding the best CBD oil dosage for you, talking with your doctor is the best thing that you can do. However, it is good to note that not every doctor will offer CBD information depending on CBD’s legality in your state. However, it is essential to converse with your healthcare provider before using CBD, especially if you are on other medication.

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