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Why CBD is Not Working for Me

Why CBD is Not Working for Me

why is cbd not working for me

CBD is one of the most well-known non-psychoactive compounds of cannabis that is in increasing popularity in recent years. Many people now use CBD to relieve nerve pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, sore muscles, and other medical conditions for its versatile properties. Most of them receive positive results from CBD use. So, why is CBD not working for me?

You have the right to ask the above question if you are not getting any positive results from CBD even after using it for a long time. Or if CBD oil is not working anymore. But why is such happening? Read this article to find out the true causes behind why CBD is not working for you and later decide who your main culprit is!

Does CBD Work?

If you are someone who hasn’t tried CBD yet, you may be wondering- does CBD work? While research and studies are not sufficient, CBD from hemp is known to provide numerous health benefits for conditions such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, immune disorders, and other neurological conditions, with little to no side effects.

Ziva Cooper, the director of research at the University of California-Los Angeles Cannabis Research Initiative, states that there is not much evidence of CBD’s effectiveness to humans. By evidence, Cooper refers to rigorous, double-blind placebo-controlled studies but further mentions the insufficiency of research on cannabidiol not working for humans.

Cooper also expresses that cannabis has been a pretty polarizing topic, from people believing it was the ‘devil’s lettuce’ to people believing it is medicine throughout the last 70 years. And now, with cannabidiol, which is non-intoxicating, people have hope that it will help alleviate a lot of disease states and symptoms that are not easily alleviated with traditional medication.

Reasons why CBD is not working

There are several factors to make you think that CBD is not working for you. Remember that these factors are deeply related to the CBD product quality, type, and your body’s metabolism. The following points will help you finally understand why you are not getting expected results from using CBD and also help you make necessary adjustments.

You’re taking the wrong type of CBD oil

Unfortunately, a considerable portion of the market floods with fake and poor-quality CBD products. A lot of under-dosed, low potency, untested CBD products are being sold without any regulation. In some cases, simply hemp-seed oil is getting sold as hemp extract oil (containing absolutely no CBD). So, you are easily getting scammed with your money. Because you are on the wrong type of CBD oil, CBD oil is not working anymore for you, which is why you are not getting any results.

You’re taking the wrong dosage of CBD

Since there is no clear concept of CBD product quality, purity, and its uses, it is natural that there might be confusion regarding the correct dosage of CBD. The CBD company cannot give clear indications of dosage because different conditions require different amounts of CBD. In many cases, CBD takers don’t start with a reasonable amount to receive any benefit.  CBD is very individual, and its action differs from person to person and their conditions. So it undoubtedly requires trial and error. Since CBD product manufacturers cannot give dosing advice legally, it depends on the consumers’ side for dosage.

Many sources report that a reasonable starting dose would be between 10-50mg per day, while others state above 100mg a day. So, you should have a trial and adjust accordingly. Again, many products contain less than 5mg per dose / per ml, so trial and error with these products would be confusing, challenging, somewhat expensive, and may seem ineffective overall. However, to find your optimal CBD dose, you do require some trial and error. You should consider increasing your dosage after about a week at your current dose, and this weekly increase in dosage will help you find your sweet spot.

You’re taking the wrong format

The right way of consuming CBD is essential for its positive effects. Different delivery systems offer different levels of bioavailability. It indicates the amount of substance absorbed into the bloodstream. The nature of CBD’s format has allowed us to use it in various ways. There are now literally dozens of CBD application types. The form of CBD you use can make a big difference in your results depending on why you’re using it.

For example, if you want immediate relief of muscle pain, you may prefer a topical, such as the Cold Therapy Hemp Rub, which offers a cooling relief. If you’re interested in the long-term benefits of CBD, you should choose a CBD oil tincture or a CBD capsule. With these oral supplements, make sure to establish a routine and stick to it and take it consistently every day for thirty days. If you skip for a couple of days or take it randomly, it can potentially disrupt the CBD’s effectiveness.

You’re not taking CBD together with healthy fats

For bioavailability, it’s best to consume CBD with a bit of food if taken orally. Because consuming CBD oil on an empty stomach does not work well due to our harsh stomach acids. These acids break down the compound excessively if there is no other substance to suppress the acids.

Apart from having something in your stomach, you should ideally consume CBD hemp oil along with some healthy fat like oils, nuts, or fish. The fat takes part as an agent for binding and protecting the CBD while traveling through the digestive system and bypassing a good deal of the first-pass metabolism.

Research suggests that taking CBD in the company of dietary fat results in higher bioavailability. Because of this reason, most CBD products, like tinctures, capsules, or high-quality edibles, are made with a base of hemp seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or other carrier oils with plentiful omega-3 fatty acids.

You’re not giving CBD enough time

CBD may need time to get into effect. So, many people take CBD for several weeks or several months before they see a differential result. CBD performs interactions with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your body is full of neurotransmitters & receptors (CB1, CB2) mainly to interact with cannabinoids. Due to many different reasons, some people have deficient ECS that takes time to activate to the level where cannabinoids and the ECS interact to create change within. So, wait with patience because CBD may take time to heal your body and bring it back into balance. This balance of the body or homeostasis occurs in different ways for different people.

Exploring the effects of CBD isn’t simple, like within a day or a week. A certain level of commitment is required to put time for effects. If you’re still not seeing results after using a product for quite a while, like for a few months or more, it may be time you moved on and tried a different brand that might work otherwise. Patience and consistency are key. Even after you consider it frustrating to keep trying with no results, you can end up super grateful that you didn’t give up once you achieve some.

why cbd not working

Your genetics

CBD is immensely popular, but it is not guaranteed to work for every single individual. Sometimes, a person’s genetic makeup may prevent them from benefiting from certain cannabinoids. Hence they may not have a positive result whatsoever.

Your lifestyle

It is no news that people suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes for poor diets, stress, and sedentary lifestyles. So, it is crucial to control our lifestyle and daily habits for using CBD and in general.  For example, if you drink an excessive quantity of alcohol, eat junk food constantly, but eat no fruits and vegetables, it will be difficult to reverse the effects of these habits just by taking some CBD hemp oil.

It’s a fact that CBD works well for many people, but it’s not a cure-all. It can help support the balance of the body. But it cannot make up for a poor diet, zero exercise, lack of sleep, poor emotional hygiene, or disconnection from one’s community and the social support network. To achieve the benefits of CBD and maintain true wellness, you have to change your lifestyle that is healthy and convenient for CBD.

You’re using low-quality products from unreputable sources

With growing popularity, CBD products are getting available everywhere- from online companies to over-the-counter shops. But unfortunately, some products don’t have high-quality CBD. As the FDA hasn’t yet approved any non-prescription CBD products and doesn’t regulate them either, some scammers are taking full advantage of it by selling low-quality products that aren’t labeled accurately. Researchers analyzed 84 CBD products and found only 31 percent to contain the amount of CBD advertised.

You can use these three tips to make sure the product lives up to its promises:

  • Look for evidence of third-party lab tests. Lab testing can show precisely how much CBD is in the product.
  • Visit websites like CannaInsider, Leafly, and CBD Oil Users that provide reviews of the brands’ effectiveness, customer service, etc., written by consumers.
  • Go through a list of established, well-known brands and their favorite CBD products. You’ll notice some of the same companies pop up over and over again. Better to go for those brands.
  • Your expectations vs. reality

Your expectations can play a big part in how CBD works for you. You may expect to feel a sense of euphoria when consuming CBD. But hemp-derived CBD helps calm stress and anxious feelings, not getting you high as THC does. The reality is that CBD does more about what you don’t feel rather than what you feel. When you have symptoms of pain, anxiety, or insomnia, that is your body’s way of telling you that something is off. The goal of consuming CBD is homeostasis, and having homeostasis will bring your internal systems into balance by allowing your body to heal and function optimally.

Bottom Line

CBD is everywhere, with endless options for consumers to wade through many claims and labels and to read and understand them. Unfortunately, not all bets are safe bets for you. To impart the full benefits of the hemp plant, you have to take the right kind of CBD the right way from a suitable brand keeping quality, safety, and transparency in check. Give CBD time, adjust your doses, and keep a journal of your daily doses and any changes. You’ll soon avail your sweet spot once your ECS is in balance. But remember, not all CBD is created equal. Again, it’s very personal, and one size doesn’t fit all.




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