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Types of CBD Products for Pets

Types of CBD Products for Pets

different cbd products for pets

Whenever your pets fall sick, you will try all you can to give them medicine that could see them regain their health. We are sure that you have heard about the current wave of CBD, which is one compound that is believed to have several therapeutic benefits. In the same way, it benefits humans the compound is also helpful for our furry friends.

This compound is sourced from hemp plants and is preferred for its non-psychoactive properties despite belonging to the cannabis family. It, therefore, means that your pet won’t get high on this compound. In this regard, there are several types of CBD products for your pets.

These products have been made with the full understanding that CBD could affect the brain of pets. As such, the compound is likely to help in reducing stress and anxiety among pets. According to veterinarian studies, it has been shown that CBD is safe for both dogs and cats.

We must, however, admit that more research is underway to examine CBD benefits for our furry friends. With a wide range of CBD products for pets, it is your responsibility to find the best CBD for pets that could treat their condition.

CBD for Pets: Four Different Products for Your Furry Favorite

There are different CBD Product for you Pet in the Market but not all of them are effective. We will talk about four essential CBD Products for you pets.

CBD Oil Tincture

cbd tincture

This is one of the simplest ways of administering CBD oil to your pets. Using the dropper to administer just the right dosage. Even better, CBD gets easily absorbed in the pet’s body once administered under their tongue. You can as well put the tincture in the pet’s food or treats.

CBD Pet Treats

cbd pet treats

Most pets generally enjoy having tasty treats. This is, therefore, one of the best ways to administer CBD to your furry friends. The treats normally contain CBD oil. CBD pet treats help the pet enjoy the therapeutic benefits that it so needs to get better.

CBD Pet Topicals

cbd topicals

As a pet owner, you can as well apply CBD oil to your pet’s skin. This application is commonly known as the topical application, which mostly addresses skin issues and prevents aches. To ensure that it effectively helps the pet, you are advised to apply it to the non-hairy parts of your pet’s body. Additionally, make sure that the pet never licks the area for roughly an hour.

CBD Pet Capsules

cbd capsules for cat

Here, CBD oil is normally suspended in capsules. It is popular, especially in the case when the pet dislikes the CBD oil taste. The method is also best when traveling since you can easily pack the capsules ready for travel. Apart from that, capsules aren’t messy at all. The only disadvantage is that capsules take time for effects to kick in compared to other methods.

What to Look for in CBD Products for Pets

Now that you have decided to buy CBD for your pets, you need to understand how to choose quality CBD products . With several CBD companies, below are the tips on how to choose the best CBD products for your pets.

  • Additive- Free and 100% natural- CBD products you buy ought to be free from solvents, pesticides, and fungicides. The company you are buying from has to meet the chemical-free requirement.
  • Lab-testing- Just like CBD products for humans a passed through independent third-party labs, this has to happen for your CBD pet products. This is the only way to ascertain that the products are safe to use.
  • Price- Even though we are all looking for the best deals, the price tag should not be among your priorities when buying CBD products for pets. The narrative of ‘the cheapest product is the best does not always hold. Quality means that whatever you are buying is worth it. Cheaper options might be cost-saving but could contain harmful chemicals in the list of ingredients.
  • Product type- There are different types of CBD products that you can choose, and you must be so wise when doing so. These products types include Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, CBD isolate. Be sure to understand each type before proceeding to purchase.

Correct Dosage: How Much is Too Much?

CBD dosage for pets remains unclear, just as it is for humans. We all understand why this is the case, and in case you don’t, you ought to know that the CBD industry is currently unregulated. The FDA is yet to approve CBD as a therapy for different health conditions. This is the reason why there is no standard dosage for CBD on your pets.

When treating your pets with CBD products, it is good to exercise patience. You are advised to start small and observe the effect that CBD has on your pet. After understanding how the pet processes CBD, you can increase the dosage, especially if the pet remains in severe pain.

The most common side effect of CBD overuse is drowsiness. Serious side effects could be mild vomiting and too much itching. Your pet will rarely experience these side effects with careful observation and proper dosing. All the same, you must always consult the vet before administering CBD products to your pets.

Are Our CBD Products Safe for Pets?

We all agree that CBD has so many benefits for our pets. However, it is crucial to administer the proper dosage to ensure that the dog reaps maximum benefits from that treatment. The dosage will depend on your pet’s weight, CBD milligrams present in the product, and the main reason you administer CBD to your pet.

To ensure that CBD products are safe, you need to begin slowly and increase the dosage of the dosing guidelines. You can as well check the instructions on the package for proper usage. Generally speaking, CBD products are safe for your pets and won’t intoxicate them. As you already know, CBD products arrive in various forms. That makes them easy to administer to your pets based on their characteristics, lifestyle, and preference.

The Bottom Line

As far as the selection of CBD pet products is concerned, you need to emphasize quality as you would do if these products were yours. As is the case for human CBD products, not all pet CBD products are created equally. To help you settle for the best products, we have already highlighted the tips you need to look for.

Most importantly, you should insist on independent third-party lab results, showing how transparent a brand is. Additionally, quality products will have reviews from your fellow pet owners. You need to be keen on these reviews when choosing these products.

Using CBD pet products is safe, but you need to understand that there is not enough medical evidence for that. In this regard, make sure to talk with the vet before administering CBD to your pets.

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