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CBDistillery Review of 2021 and Overview of Its Products

CBDistillery Review of 2021 and Overview of Its Products

CBDistillery Review

The CBD industry is rapidly growing, and as a consumer, this means having to deal with hundreds of companies. This is never a walk in the park, as deciphering a brand is always quite challenging. To make this simpler, we offer you a professional and unbiased CBDistillery review. As a CBD company that has attracted quite a following in a short time, we look at whether CBDistillery is worth the attention.

An Educational Brand with a Far-Reaching Ambition

CBDistillery was founded in Denver, Colorado, in 2016 by a group of local natives. Their uniting objective was to ensure that high-quality hemp-derived CBD products are accessible at affordable prices. Since then, the company has set forth to make this a reality by using the highest grade of hemp for their productions. Most importantly, CBDistillery has developed a distinctive marketing plan that focuses more on educating consumers than aggressively marketing their products. The result has been the ability to produce quality products while maintaining fair pricing.

The winning edge of this educational approach to marketing is that it has provided the company with a better consumer outreach. Particularly, the currently trending #CBDMOVEMENT that CBDistillery runs has been very inspiring. Instead of shoving CBD products to the consumers, the company is boosting awareness of the usage and benefits of high-quality hemp extracts. In turn, as more people get access to such information, there are better insights into the use of these products.

A defining strength of the #CBDMOVEMENT is how it has managed to open up discussions on the stigmatized cannabis industry. The ease of tackling controversial issues about CBS and its use as an alternative healing method is simply amazing. Increasingly, this has led to more inspired consumers with social media channels being abuzz with these discussions. This has seen CBDistillery become more than your average CBD company but an educational brand out to change the status quo.

The Company’s Reputation

For a company that is just marking its five years in the CBD industry, CBDistillery has quickly risen to be a favorite brand for many people. Numbers do not lie, and for a company that has more than a million satisfied customers, the sky is the limit for the brand. These numbers are growing by the day, and with the educational approach to marketing, CBDistillery is receiving more mentions each day. This means that it has become near impossible to ignore this CBD Company that is keen on becoming an industry giant.

One of the top reasons that feature in almost every CBDistillery review is the company’s high levels of transparency. Few other companies rival the brand when it comes to their outreach strategy. There are no gimmicks or exaggerations about their products but a clear-cut channel that focuses on CBD. Just recently, CBDistillery rebranded and chose to focus on being a premier educational resource. The company also settled for consumer-friendly packaging that makes it simpler for clients to pick the right products.

Product Quality and Transparency

It would be foolhardy to go through a CBDistillery review without paying attention to what matters the most- the company’s products. As the primary area of interest for any consumer who wants value from hemp-derived extracts, we take a look at what is in store for you. Here is how CBDistillery performs when it comes to:


The mother company behind CBDistillery, Balanced Health Botanicals™, has been known to put its best forward in receiving industry certifications. It has not been any different with CBDistillery that is:

US Hemp Authority Certified (USHA)

CBDistillery proudly has the seal of approval from the US Hemp Authority. Primarily, this approval shows that the company has gone through an in-depth audit of its practices and farmers. This audit covers, among others; Good Agricultural Practices, ISO quality standards, quality management systems, master manufacturing records, cGMPs, and employee training best practices. 

GMP Certified Facility

Another true mark of quality standards was achieved by CBDistillery when it got its NSF International’s dietary supplements Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registration. This was a big leap for the company as it verifies that it uses the proper equipment, production methods, and the right controls in place.

GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe

As a policy, it is required that before any company can use any ingredients in its products, they are to submit a GRAS dossier. CBDistillery achieved this in 2019 when it had a team of independent reviewers verify its ingredients. The dossier gave the company a thumbs-up as its ingredients were verified as safe.

Product Sourcing and Manufacturing Facility/Processes

CBDistillery exclusively sources its hemp from Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. Apart from using US-grown hemp for its production, the company maintains the highest level of transparency in its product sourcing. Particularly, the hemp used is rated as non-GMO industrial hemp, which is the industry’s standard for quality raw material.

When it comes to its manufacturing facility, CBDistillery has its facility ISO-9001 certified for quality. The facility has also been approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and strictly uses current good manufacturing practices (CGMP).

Another critical aspect that cannot be ignored when looking at CBDistillery review is its CBD extraction methods. This is where the rubber meets the road as the manufacturing process used determines the quality of the final products. As a company that values quality, CBDistillery uses the highly-rated carbon dioxide supercritical extraction process. The CO2 extraction is a top-tier process that is not only safe but produces the highest quality of CBD. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the primary extraction method used by CBDistillery for its full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. However, CBDistillery also uses an ethanol extraction method for its isolate products.

Good Marketing Practices

Focus is primarily given to FDA warnings when evaluating the marketing practices of CBD companies. Luckily, CBDistillery is yet to receive an FDA warning letter, despite the agency being harsh on companies labeling CBD products as supplements.

Certificate of Analysis

Finally, every consumer needs proof beyond doubt about the composition of their CBD products. CBDistillery has put its best foot forward and has all its products tested by an accredited third-party laboratory, ACS laboratory. The company’s certificate of analysis can easily be accessed by scanning the QR code of the product. Typically, these laboratory results are comprehensive and will show the percentage of each given cannabinoid within the sample.

The Best CBD Products by CBDistillery

As a brand that is out to ensure more people get the best from CBD, CBDistillery has quite a considerable product line. In this CBDistillery review, we will look at each category of products the brand currently offers to the market.

CBD Oils

This is without a doubt the most popular category of CBD products by CBDistillery. Generally, it is very simple to use these tinctures since all that is required is to place the CBD oil under your tongue. Alternatively, you can add CBD oil to your favorite drink. To cater to the needs of a broader customer base, CBDistillery offers:

Full-spectrum CBD oils

The full-spectrum oils by CBDistillery have been specially formulated to provide users with the full benefits of the hemp plant. As such, besides containing cannabidiols, it has other naturally occurring plant proteins, minerals, vitamins, and flavonoids, among other components. It also contains less than 0.3% THC and contains fractionated coconut oil, which is one of the best sources of lauric acid. The primary reason why CBDistillery adds coconut oil into their full-spectrum CBD oils is that it helps CBD bypass the digestive system and go straight into the bloodstream. In turn, this makes their products fast-acting and an excellent option for the demanding consumer.

CBDistillery offers its full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures in different concentrations under the tag ‘Relief, Relax, CBD.’ These strengths are; 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg, which have the highest potency. The difference between these products is the amount of CBD you receive per serving. The 5000mg oil has the maximum strength as it contains 83mg of CBD per ml, while the 500mg oil is the lowest, containing 17mg of CBD per ml/serving.

Note: Recently, CBDistillery introduced a specially formulated CBD sleep tincture. This tincture contains extra strength CBN (Cannabinol), full-spectrum CBD, fractionated coconut oil (MCT), and natural terpenes. It was developed to help users improve sleep and sleep quality.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils

Unlike full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD oils by CBDistillery have further been processed to remove all but trace amounts of CBD. Nevertheless, it still contains other hemp-derived compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, and plant proteins.

Just like the full-spectrum oils provided by CBDistillery, broad-spectrum CBD oils come in different concentrations. These concentrations are 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg.

CBD Topicals

Increasingly more CBDistillery reviews are focused on their CBD topicals that are formulated for external use. The company has quite a range of topical products, and the most popular ones are:

  • CBD Salve body cream
  • CBD relief stick
  • CBD cooling cream (broad-spectrum)

CBD Gummies

Another exciting line of CBD products that cannot be ignored today is gummies. CBDistillery has been up to the challenge and has one of the best gummies in the market today. The brand has two variants of its gummies, namely;

* CBD Sleep gummies. These broad-spectrum CBD gummies contain melatonin, and they have especially been formulated for nighttime use. Each bottle contains 30 gummies, with each offering a CBD serving of 30mg.

* CBD Relax gummies. These gummies are also made of broad-spectrum CBD with 0% THC, and they have been formulated for use any time of the day. Each bottle contains 30 gummies that have tropical fruit flavors and offers a CBD serving of 30mg.

CBD Capsules and Pills

The Relief, Relax CBD soft gels by CBDistillery offers a convenient and simpler way of taking CBD. The capsules have a gelatin cover that is easily digested and contain liquid CBD inside the shells. Most consumers found favorable about the soft gels because they contain a pre-dosed amount of CBD, making it easier for daily consumption. CBDistillery has two varieties of soft gels, whereby one is made of full-spectrum CBD oil and the other broad-spectrum CBD oil. Both offer a serving of 30mg of CBD per soft gel and come in containers containing either 30 or 60 soft gels.

CBD Powders & Isolate

The versatility in the use of CBD powders has been a solid foundation for their rapidly growing popularity. CBDistillery has not been left behind in availing these powders. The most popular product under this category is the High Purity CBDelicious CBD Isolate Powder. This powder looks like finely milled sugar and can be added to your favorite beverage or while cooking. However, the company has gone the extra mile and created the CBDelicious Formulation Cooking Powder that is highly recommended for cooking.

CBD for Pets

Your pets must never be left behind when it comes to having CBD benefits, and CBDistillery is making this possible. The brand has exciting options for your pets, with the highly sought-after option being the CBD pet tincture. This full-spectrum tincture is meant to be added to your pet’s food or favorite treat.

CBD Vapes

Vaping has become widely embraced, especially by young people who love CBD. CBDistillery knows this and has been at the forefront of availing quality E-liquid for vapers. Since the CBD E-liquid is heated before it can be vaped, the company provides a range of exciting flavors for its clients. These flavors include mint, grape, mango, and strawberry. CBDistillery also has two categories of CBD vapes; regular strength and extra strength. This provides consumers with the flexibility to settle on the best concentration of CBD for a better vaping experience.

CBDistillery Pros & Cons

It would be incomplete to go through a CBDistillery review without taking into account its biggest strengths and weaknesses. Like any other company, CBDistillery has factors that give it a plus and others that require some improvements. Here is a breakdown of both:


  • CBDistillery offers a wide range of CBD products, with consumers having options of full-spectrum and isolate extracts.
  • CBDistillery has received the major certifications required in the CBD industry.
  • CBDistillery maintains a high level of transparency and accountability. This makes it a trusted company for safe and quality CBD products.
  • CBDistillery has its product independently tested by a third-party laboratory.
  • A side-by-side comparison of CBDistillery against most brands shows it gives its clients top value for money.


  • CBDistillery currently limits its shipping to the United States.
  • There have been concerns about the unappealing taste of its unflavored CBD products. However, this is expected as full-spectrum CBD oil retains the earthy taste of the hemp plant.
  • Shipping of CBDistillery products is not as fast as many people expect.
  • How to Buy CBDistillery Products

CBDistillery offers its CBD products through its official website. Clients are highly advised to shop through the online store, where they are guaranteed to receive authentic products from the brand. Currently, CBDistillery only ships within the United States, and all clients are expected to be above the age of 21.

Bottom Line

It does not take rocket science to place CBDistillery as one of the leading CBD companies in the United States. The Colorado-based company has gone the miles to prove its worth, and with the growth of the #CBDMOVEMENT the future is brighter for the brand. Generally, everything about CBDistillery makes it stand out from the crowd. From its educational approach to marketing CBD and its top levels of transparency, everything about the brand screams quality. Consumers have equally not been disappointed as the company has built quite an exciting product line. All said CBDistillery is not a fading star but a vision-driven CBD company that has set higher expectations for the fast-growing industry.

CBDistilliery FAQs for Beginners

How do I use CBDistillery products?

There are different ways to use CBDistillery products depending on what you settle for. The basic guideline to follow is:

CBD Oil tinctures: Put the CBD oil under your tongue and hold for between 10 to 20 seconds before swallowing. Alternatively, you can add it to your favorite drink.

  • CBD gummies: Take a single gummy and simply chew.
  • CBD softgels & capsules – Take a single softgel with water.
  • CBD isolates – Add the recommended serving size to your food, drinks, or personal care products.
  • CBD E-liquid: Add it to your vape pen and inhale as per instructions.
  • CBD topicals: Apply the cream to the desired body area.
  • CBD pet tinctures: Add the CBD oil to your pet’s food, treat, or water.

What are the specific SERVING PROPORTIONS for CBDistillery products?

It is always advisable that you start with the lowest CBD serving as a beginner. The specific serving proportions of CBDistillery products make this simpler for anyone to follow. As a rule, always consider the CBD concentration in each product before making your purchase. Here is the overview of the CBD content in all CBDistillery products:

Full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures

  • 5000 mg bottle = 167 mg per serving
  • 2500 mg bottle = 83 mg per serving
  • 1000 mg bottle = 33 mg per serving
  • 500 mg bottle = 17 mg per serving
  • 250mg bottle = 8 mg per serving

Isolate CBD Oil tinctures

  • 5000 mg bottle = 167 mg per serving
  • 2500 mg bottle = 83 mg per serving
  • 1000 mg bottle = 33 mg per serving
  • 500 mg bottle = 17 mg per serving
  • 250 mg bottle = 8 mg per serving

CBD gummies

  • CBD relax gummies – 30 mg CBD gummy
  • CBD sleep gummies – 30mg CBD per gummy plus 1.5mg melatonin
  • CBD softgels & capsules
  • CBD softgels – 30mg per softgel
  • CBD capsule – 25mg per capcule

CBD vapes

  • CBD Vape disposable pen – 200mg CBD per disposable pen
  • CBD vape cartridge – 200mg per cartridge

CBD pet tinctures

  • 600mg bottle – 20mg per serving
  • 150mg bottle – 5mg per serving

Can CBDistilliery Make You Feel High?

No, CBDistillery has its products specially formulated to provide the required dosages of CBD and little or no THC. Even for full-spectrum CBD products that contain THC (less than 0.3%), this amount is too low to create a high feel.

Are CBDistillery products ingredients safe for all?

CBDistillery has all its ingredients tested and approved for human consumption. Nevertheless, strict doctor advice is required, especially if you have an underlying medical condition or currently under medication. Pregnant women are also not to consume these CBD products as they might affect the unborn child.

Note: Currently, the sale of CBD products is restricted to persons above the age of 21.

Can Users Fail a Drug Test After Consuming CBDistillery Products?

The chances of failing a drug test after consuming CBDistillery products are very low because of their composition. Overly, it takes higher THC levels for one to test positive, and CBDistillery only sells products with less than 0.3% THC. However, to be safe, if you are worried about failing drug tests, you can always opt for broad-spectrum or isolate CBD products as they have no THC.

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