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First 48 Marijuana Strain Review

First 48 Marijuana Strain Review

Marijuana Strain

The first 48 Marijuana strain is among the best strains that consumers consider when they want to have a good night sleep. The Sativa strain has the best reviews and has an impact on stress-related conditions. It delivers a soothing high that makes it a favorite for several consumers. The article will be deliberating on the first 48 strain flavors, aromas, and appearance. It will then highlight the medical benefits and side effects and why it may be an option if you like marijuana products.

What is the First 48 Marijuana Strain?

First 48 Marijuana is a product of crossing the white with the Orange Blossom Trail. It impacts as soon your mind begins to clear. Customers agree that it pushes the distraction thoughts aside and will only help you focus on creative ideas. The energetic high will not last for long because you will wear off, and you start feeling relaxed. You may fall asleep if the conditions are favorable for a good sleep. The product may induce faster sleep. Therefore, you can take it during the late evening because that way, it will slowly take you to a peaceful night.


There is a big difference between the First48 strain and the parent white in terms of Aroma. The parent white strain has an earthy skunkiness with a herbal lemon blend, while the first 48 has a pungent smell which will intensify when you break the buds apart. When you are burning the first48 Sativa or indica, the fresher lemon taste is dominant, filling the air with herbal freshness. The smell will stick so much to the air, and it may not be easy to remove it.


Flavour is the second consideration that the consumers are concerned with becomes it will determine if the product is worth consuming. First48 strain has a fresh citrusy flavor profile that originates from the orange blossom trail. It is the smooth smoke that makes it easy to inhale. After an inhale, you will experience a sour aftertaste which may be a surprise to some users. The aftertaste is not sufficient to deter the enjoyable flavor profile when you are inhaling.

Marijuana Strain


You won’t confuse the first48 strain with other Sativa types because it has an oblong shape with deep forest green coloring. It also has thin brown pistils that will weave their way through each bud to give the strain a mottled appearance.ts pistil gives it a muted appearance and looks like any other plant. The buds have a bright green hue. The leaves make up for the bud’s lack of color.

First 48 Marijuana Strain Grow Info

If you are looking for a first growing strain, you should consider the first48 strain because it takes only eight weeks to reach maturity. Most strain lovers will like a plant with a short growing time, and therefore this First48 strain has proven to be an excellent option for growers.

The strain can grow as both an indoor and outdoor plant. Your climate will determine how you will grow the first 48 plants. This plant thrives well in a mild to hot climate and will easily replicate indoors. If you grow it indoors, you will be reducing the chances of pest and mold attacks.

First48 strains are available online, and you can easily find them. Your location will determine if you will get them faster or not. In case it gets hard finding the seeds, you can grow them using the plant clippings. The use of clippings is best for beginners. It results in a more predictable and stable growing experience.

The first48 strain review acknowledges that the strain has more than the average amount of THC. 29% THC content is such a high amount and may not be suitable for the newbies. Novice growers and users should try something below 20% THC because the high THC content may dissociate the moods. The sudden drop of energy after the intake of the First48 strain is the high THC content that brings relaxation after a thorough High. It has less than 0.1% of CBD and may not be an option for people seeking to relive from CBD.

Medical Benefits of the First 48 Strain

The first 48 strain often has a role as a relief for physical pain such as headache. Its high potency can relieve pain while giving you a burst of energy. Patient with insomnia finds relive with the high sedative effects of the product at the end. The product gives the users a mental high that is effective for relieving stress and depression. The product will clear your mind, and you will feel relaxed afterward.

Bottom Line

Try the first48 product if you are a Marijuana friend, and you will have all these benefits at your home. Everything is simple, and you only need to order the seeds. Beginners can try with the plant clippings as they slowly improve. It is best fr hardcore users due to its high THC contents.




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