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Overview of Different Categories of Hemp Products 

Overview of Different Categories of Hemp Products 

Hemp Product

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp products have become very popular. You can easily find them in your local retail outlets or even oil stores. But what type of hemp products can be found on the market? Well, according to Forbes, there are more than 25,000 hemp-derived products. In this article review, we sample some of the most popular hemp products.  You might be amazed to know that these many hemp products existed.

Introduction to Hemp Products 

Hemp products contain hemp extracts as their primary ingredient. They are used to support everyday wellness thanks to their beneficial health properties. Hemp products can also be used to make items for pets or non-edible items for human use.

Real Life Different Types of Products Made from Hemp 

Hemp is an exceptionally versatile plant. It can be used to create food products and beverages. Besides that, it’s ideal for making personal- and skincare products. In some instances, it’s used to make clothing and accessories. The real-life categories of hemp products include:

Hemp Foods and Beverages 

There are unlimited hemp food products in the market. Some are used by households as food staples due to their rich nutritional values. Others are used as snacks, wellness enhancers, and for entertainment purposes. Hemp food and beverages include:

Hemp Milk

It’s one of the best hemp products with nutritional benefits. It contains hemp seed benefits, including high amounts of healthy fats and proteins. Research studies indicate that hemp milk contains more calcium than even cow’s milk.

Hemp Seed Oil

This is a CBD hemp oil product that has gained worldwide popularity. Hemp seed oil shouldn’t be confused with CBD oil. However, the former has high nutritional content, and that’s why it’s used to cook and bake. To know all about CBD Hemp Oil you can read this article. But there is a difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil, to know more read this article. 

Hemp Honey

Honey doesn’t get sweeter than hemp honey. This blend has many health benefits. It’s more potent and effective since it incorporates both the properties of honey and CBD. The natural sweetener can be added to your tea or coffee. It’s also ideal for use with baked goods and peanut butter toast. Alternatively, you can just eat it straight from the spoon! This is a sweet treat that will wholly engage your taste buds.

Hemp Seeds

They are known for their high nutritional content. In fact, they are classified as superfoods. This is because hemp seeds contain high amounts of essential amino acids and protein. Additionally, they have a healthy balance of omegas, minerals, and vitamins. All these are what the body needs for healthy growth and development. Hemp seeds are used as food staples in many households globally.

Hemp Protein Powder

Get to preserve your lean mass and develop more muscles using hemp protein powder. This product is an excellent source of vegan protein. It’s rich in fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Even though there are many types of hemp powder products, most of them are ideal for maintaining brain function, lean body mass, and protecting the heart.

Hemp Power Bars

They are mostly used as protein-rich sources of snacks. They are powerhouses used by those working out, hikers, and bikers.

Hemp Extract Edibles

They are also known as CBD edibles. They are popular among consumers who want the potent benefits of CBD. The most common type of hemp extract edibles is CBD gummies, known for their potent benefits and delicious taste.

Hemp Energy Drinks

Power your body with these organic energizers. Hemp energy drinks are all you need when getting ready for a workout or powering through the end of your workday.

Hemp Coffee

Change your money routine and enjoy the fantastic benefits that hemp coffee has to offer.

Hemp Tea

Tea lovers now have a potent and sweet alternative to hemp tea. So, if you are a seasoned tea connoisseur, this is worth your coins.

Hemp Beer

Have fun and enjoy the hoppy flavor of hemp beer. This product usually has the natural aroma of herbal cannabis. So, it’s even more fun to use.

Hemp Product

Hemp Beauty and Personal Care Products 

The hair and beauty industry has undergone a significant revolution over the past few years. Brands are moving towards eco-friendly products that are deemed to be safer and more effective. Hemp products one of the best organic sources for hemp beauty products.

It should be noted that the plant contains an adequate amount of omega-6 fatty acids. It is excellent for nourishing the skin and promoting the development of healthy hair. Even before hemp officially went mainstream, some people were already using it for personal care. Currently, some of the most popular hemp products under this category include:

Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

These hair care products offer significant health benefits to your hair. They are useful in moisturizing the hair and strengthen it. Besides that, they also help to promote general hair growth. These products are rich in dietary nutrients, including omega fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. So, they will naturally support your hair, leaving it with naturally luscious locks.

Hemp Hair Pomade

Image is essential, and that’s why people take their hair care seriously. Some even have hair care regimens to strictly follow to ensure that they grow thick and healthy hair. Hemp hair pomade products contain botanical properties and organic herbs. As a result, it helps to promote the growth of fuller and thicker hair. In addition to that, this product can also be used to repair split ends and prevent dryness and breakage.

Hemp Body Lotion

There is currently a wide range of hemp body lotion options in the market. These products are popular among consumers since they help to moisture the skin without clogging the pore. Generally, they are ideal for most skin types, and this makes them highly flexible. Hemp lotion promotes a healthy skin balance by preventing dryness and excess oil production. It hydrates it and also minimizes the chances of the development of acne.

Hemp Face Cream

Do you know that you can get that facial glow by just using hemp face cream? If you want to look younger again and eliminate fine wrinkles that come with aging, then you can try this product out. Hemp face cream helps to rejuvenate dry and aging skin naturally. The product has anti-aging properties, and so it can help to prevent the onset signs of aging. Overall, this product is the best option for those who want to look young naturally.

Hemp Eye Cream

The stresses of life, sickness, and lack of adequate sleep can affect your eyes. Hats why dark cycles and puffiness are everyday things. The hemp eye cream contains anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can help to treat eye inflammation. Besides that, it’s highly effective in reducing puffiness and dark cycles.

Hemp Lip Balm

Hemp seed oil can be used to make an effective lip balm. If you have dry lips, then you can use this product to nourish and condition your lips. User reviews indicate that this personal care product delivers great results if you have dry and cracked lips. It soothes the skin and helps to hydrate the skin cells. This is a generally safe product that’s usually THC-free. As a result, it won’t get you high.

Hemp Soap

There’s no doubt that hemp soap is gaining popularity among hemp skincare products. Well, its effectiveness is based on its ability to manage sensitive skin. Besides that, you can also use it to treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Anyone can use this product since it has a good safety profile. It’s rich in essential fatty acids, and you can use it to treat sunburn and even after shaving.

Hemp Massage Oil

There are now numerous brands that make CBD massage oils. They help to ease fatigue, muscle pains and provide pain relief. Hemp massage oil is generally an excellent choice for those who want massage therapy. It helps to nourish the skin. It should be noted that this product contains healthy fatty acids and antioxidants that get skin deep and help to smoothen it, making it soft and supple. One of the best products is Mary’s Nutritionals which is mostly used for spa massage services.

Hemp Pet Products 

Hemp seed benefits are pretty diverse, and you can give them to your pets. If you are a pet owner, there are several hemp pet products that you can choose from. The market is filled with different brands designed for your furry friends. They include:

Hemp Pet Treats

They come in different sizes and concentrations. Hemp pet treats help to treat different ailments in your four-legged friends. Hemp pet treats can also be used for general wellness purposes. They are ideal for use for cats and dogs.

Hemp Dog Beds

Hemp is an exceptionally versatile plant. While you can use it for pets to support health and wellness, you can also make pet products such as dog beds. Your pet can now sleep in an environmentally-friendly place thanks to hemp. These beds are usually soft and comfy.

Hemp Collars and Leashes

Get your pet infancy and fashionable hemp leashes and collars. They are comfy and ideal for control pets and improving their general appearance.

Hemp Kitty Litter

Unlike most litters found in the market, hemp kitty litter is a chemical- and additive-free absorbent that’s ideal for use with different pets.

Hemp Pet Toys

Get your furry friends into a playful mood with the hemp pet toys. They are not only environmentally-friendly but also safe to use with minimal health risks. They are much better than traditional plastic toys.

Hemp Clothing and Accessories 

There are many wholesale hemp products in the form of clothing and accessories. It should be noted that the use of hemp in this industry started several decades ago. Designers can use it to make the following items:

Hemp T-Shirts

They are more sustainable than cotton t-shirts. Hemp t-shirts are more popular because they are more eco-friendly.

Hemp Jackets

Looking to wear a jacket that’s durable and warm? Well, hemp jackets are proving to excellent alternatives. They are durable types of jackets that can be worn in diverse environments. You can wear one while you are outdoors with friends, a warm winter coat, or for a professional setting. Generally, there are numerous hemp jackets available, and so you have options.

Hemp Jeans

Do you want to try out a sustainable type of denim? Well, hemp denim is here with us. Brands such as Hemp Blue offer a wide range of hemp denim options.

Hemp Skirts and Dresses

Skirt and dress attires form a considerable part of hemp clothing. So, if you are looking for one, then your options are numerous. One of the best places where you can beautifully dresses and skirts include the Mara Hoffman. They have a collection of eco-friendly and durable hemp clothing items.

Hemp Socks

You can keep your feet warm and fuzzy with soft hemp socks. One brand that makes the best hemp crew socks and ankle socks are the Kind Hemp Co. If you consistently wear these socks, then your feet’ health will improve significantly.

Hemp Shoes

You can improve your collection of footwear by purchasing hemp shoes. There is a wide range of options to choose from, including slip-ons and sneakers.

Hemp Flip Flops

Flip-flops are fun to wear during the summer season. However, you can enjoy your summer in style by getting your hemp flip-flops. You can check the excellent hemp flip-flops for men and women.

Hemp Wallets

Do you want something to store your small but precious items? There are hemp wallets that you can use to store them and easily slide into the back pocket. Generally, hemp wallets come in a wide range of designs and styles to choose from.

Hemp Handbags

You can use these eco-friendly bags to store your valuables.

The Bottom Line 

You can enjoy and use hemp products in literally any form. If you want an edible, you can take gummies. There are hemp drinks such as coffee and tea that are popular with consumers as well. If you want to wear eco-friendly clothing, hemp is now being used to make t-shirts, jeans, dresses, etc.

Your pet can also enjoy the excellent benefits of hemp. From treats to collars and leashes, there are unlimited options to choose from. Just make sure that you use the hemp products appropriately, and you will enjoy massive benefits.

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