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Montana and Hemp – How Montana is Leading the Hemp Industry

Montana and Hemp – How Montana is Leading the Hemp Industry

Montana and Hemp

What is the long-kept secret between Montana and hemp? Montana is a state in the Mountain West region of the United States. Below, we unleash some secrets you did know about hemp.

Most people know Montana from its natural beauty, especially the alpine lakes and the mountain peaks that have been capped with snow. In this case, very few people know the relation between Montana and hemp. Even though Montana has a sparse population, it remains the best-kept secret for the hemp industry. Part of the reason for this is that it has excellent hemp production. Initially, farmers located in the rural communities of Montana were slow to embrace the farming of hemp. This was mainly attributed to the negative connotations that surrounded cannabis. At the moment, however, they have discovered the available opportunities for diversifying their crops and gaining revenue.

From a very recent hemp crop report in the US, Montana had the most fields that were covered with hemp. This was up to 22000 acres coverage that proved to be a drastic increase of more than 542 acres in 2017. In the year 2018, the whole nation planted a total of 78176 acres of hemp. This means that farmers from Montana contributed to the nation’s hemp production by up to 28%. This was the highest in comparison to other states. What is industrial hemp, and what makes Montana the real hotspot for hemp? Below are the three famous reasons;

Strong State Support

The hemp program for Montana State and the Montana organic certification strategy is the most vital partners and advocates in the CBD industry. You will learn that the organic program is essentially an accredited USDA certifier for the organic handlers and producers. The mission here is to offer professional and efficient organic certification services to handlers and producers. This also facilitates the success and growth of Montana’s organic agriculture.

In 2019, the Department of Agriculture in Montana came with the Hemp Advisory Committee. This one was responsible for facilitating grower input and advising the agriculture department on the industry decisions. Additionally, the committee worked to come with hemp research as well as a marketing program. Currently, Montana is developing a certification program for hemp, which is state-specific. This is going to add extra value as well as credibility for hemp producers. Montana’s state government, being a proponent of the CBD industry, benefits mainly in setting up operations.

Top Talent

According to the department of agriculture in Montana, agriculture has been the leading industry. To be precise, it had an impact of 4 billion US dollars in 2017. This is too way greater than the next leading industry, and that is travel. The kind of focus that is given to agriculture allows for homegrown talent in different fields. These include chemistry, biochemistry, and engineering, which do well among farming communities.

Currently, Montana hosts several universities as well as colleges of world-class. These include the University of Montana and the Montana state university. In this regard, it means that the homegrown talent is not far from the access. All the post-secondary institutions are offering world-class science and agriculture degree programs. This aids in supporting the thriving agriculture sector needs in Montana.

Robust Technology

Even though agriculture remains the largest industry in Montana, the tech sector has continued to grow. From reliable sources, the high-tech companies in Montana started emerging in 2020. This grew nine times more than the entire economy of Montana. For the 6th year, recent surveys of the tech leaders had it that Montana’s quality of life offers a good advantage in business. Most importantly, owing to Covid-19, residents of Montana are so lucky. They got many opportunities to enjoy nature and outdoors in spacious settings very safely.

The hemp industry’s future relies heavily on technical innovation. As the industry continues to evolve, more advanced technology is needed to meet the changing consumer preferences. This includes the need for growing hemp in a greenhouse. Montana is part of a community that is inherently supporting innovation. This will consequently help in increasing the development of the Montana-based companies producing hemp.

The Bottom Line

If you did not know Montana’s close relation and hemp, we believe that this post has been an eye-opener. Most people know Montana due to its beautiful sceneries, but there is more to that. In the US, Montana is making huge strides as far as hemp production is concerned. We have already explained the reason why Montana is among the leading states in hemp production. For instance, the state offers excellent support instead of other states that are still debating hemp’s legality. Additionally, Montana is surrounded by world-class learning institutions that help it to cope with the market needs. Therefore, it means that Montana is a state to watch as the CBD and hemp industry continues to boom.

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