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Pennywise Strain Review

Pennywise Strain Review

Pennywise strain

Pennywise strain is famous because of its amazing relaxing effects that yield a calming impact due to the high potencies of CBD that it contains. The pennywise strain review elaborates the characteristics of pennywise and why it is the best source of CBD. It is the best product that will accord you sound sleep because it does not contain any intoxicating components.

Pennywise is a new marijuana strain with equal amounts of CBD and THC, though the quality of CBD on it is impressive. Penny-wise now poses for the best benefits that relieve anxiety and stress.

What is the Pennywise Strain?

Pennywise strain is rich in Indica. The ratio of indica to sativa lies at 70:30. It is a cross of Harlequin and Jack. It should be noted that the pennywise strain has large concentrations of CBD. It is a better therapeutic option. The psychoactive effects of pennywise are mild because of the low contents of THC. Its best for patients who need to boost their moods.

You may also experience a mild cerebral high, but of course, the better impact falls on a relaxation effect that CBD consumers are interested in. Pennywise strain consumes reports of high relaxation and calming, though some will experience a bit of high. Notably, the process should be gradual, and the influence is often positive.

You may experience the sedative effect when you consume pennywise, which in turn will cause some drowsiness and sleepiness. You may not want to take pennywise if you are working because it will make you dizzy. You can take it during the late afternoon hour and evenings.

Characteristics of Pennywise Strain


The aroma of any product will determine if it will be worth consuming or not. The pennywise fragrance is quite interesting. Its distinctive coffee-like aroma makes it an intelligent product. The subtle sweet aroma of the lemon and bubble gum adds to the beauty of the pennywise. Its buds also have a distinct aroma which will taste like a slightly spicy note.


The most outstanding flavor in pennywise is the citrusy and fruity lemon flavor though it tastes almost the same as its smell. You will love the citrus lemon taste. It tastes amazing. Notably, when you burn it, it will produce a thick and harsh cough-inducing smoke. You will experience this when you inhale. When exhaling, the pepper and sour taste are dominant.


Pennywise plants are not big plants. Their sizes are smaller to medium and will duster together to form a thick bush. They cluster in irregular shapes formations, and the buds will have an indica type structure and will be densely compacted together. Other pennywise plants have buds with a loose sativa appearance.

When the pennywise plant matures, it will grow a coating of resinous trichomes. It is for this reason that you see a frosted appearance. Its pale green leaves add to the color of the pennywise, though the prominent color is the orange and brownish one that the pistils grow.

Pennywise Strain Growing Info

Pennywise is a unique plant that can grow in over four distinct phenotypes. When you plant any pennywise plant, it will yield different types of plants but with all components that you want. You will notice the difference in buds and colors. They can be aesthetically different, but the taste, smell, and potency are the same.

The plant can do well indoors or outdoor. If you need to flower between 60 to 70 days, you should grow it indoors. The return will lie around 12-16 ounces in every square meter planted. Do a thorough pruning for best yields. For outdoor growers, the return is at least 16 ounces, and it takes a short time for it to yield. Growing pennywise is a fruitful decision that will give you the best CBD source.

pennywise strains

Why Pennywise Affects You

The ratio of CBD to THC pennywise vary, and there is evidence confirming the ratio of CBD to be high. The high concentration of CBD will counter the effects of THC because they exist in small concentrations. Be careful when checking the certificate of analysis. The dominant terpenes that you get will determine if you will feel high.

If the pennywise you are taking is rich in THC myrcene, you will have that couch-lock effect. The most notable medicinal conditions that pennywise will treat include arthritis, dementia, and pain. The factor that will determine its effectiveness is the dominant terpene. It has the potential for people with neurological disorders.

Final Thought

Pennywise strain review confirms the benefits of the pennywise plant as the best source of quality CBD. There are other sources of CBD in the cannabis plants, but the indica types are proofing to be better sourced, and you can try this by planting the pennywise.

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