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Prepping Hemp For Extraction Can Make A Big Difference

Prepping Hemp For Extraction Can Make A Big Difference

Prepping Hemp For Extraction

Prepping hemp for extraction can make a big difference. Nowadays, cannabis extractors don’t blast trims of poor quality with hydrocarbons or ethanol. They do this to extract the cannabinoids. The cannabis extractors are taking more and more care of the Cannabis inputs. Just like how the craft flower producers would take care of the cannabis inputs. Now extractors are using proper methods to dry, cure, and store to get the best outcome.

Can’t Fake Quality

There is an old proverb that says ‘fire, fire out.’ This is what drives the cannabis extractors to ensure that they handle their cannabis inputs properly. Because they know that if they do this, they will have a higher possibility of success.

Lately, competition has been going up, and wholesale prices keep going down. This means that there is a small margin that comes from Cannabis extraction. The processor that can get more valuable end products while utilizing equal solvents and machines has better outcomes. They are going to surpass those people who use biomass of poorer quality.

You need to get rich raw ingredients. The wealthier they are, you get the higher possibility of getting an extract of high quality. At least, that is what Lior Chataw says. She works for Eybna Technologies. This Long Beach, a California-based company, is a terpenes manufacturer. Cahatw is the head of research and development for that company. Therefore, any extractor needs to ensure correctly harvested, dried, and cured cannabis. All of this needs to happen before they can proceed with the extraction.

Deepak Utkhede says that if an extractor gets a moldy cannabis plant, they won’t improve it. The same happens if, while they are getting dried and stored, the cannabis plant loses terpenes or potency. He says that you won’t be capable of reversing the damages from wrongly storing and processing the materials. Utkhede works for a Greeley, Colorado-based cannabinoid manufacturer called Vantage Hemp. He is the COO of that company.

DIY Approach

It is imperative to properly prep the cannabis before the extraction process. This led several extractors that work at a large scale to invest in preparing the cannabis by themselves. An excellent example of this is Papa+Barkley. This Eureka, California-based company prepares topicals and tinctures throughout the THC spectrum. Several of their products are sufficiently low to be sold nationally. At the same time, they can only sell other products in the California adult-use marijuana market.

This company employs temporary workers. Then they send those workers to contract cannabis cultivators. There, they are going to trim and adequately prepare the cannabis to certain specific standards. After this is done, they can utilize it without the need to over refine it. Why do they do this? Because they want to make sure that they buy adequately cured and stored flowers.

Prepping Hemp For Extraction

Your Biomass, Your Concern

On the other hand, some toll processors sometimes select the unorthodox approach. The president and founder of Texas Blue Diamond Solutions, Jason Muniz, says processors are not farmers. Therefore, when it comes to prepping cannabis for extraction, the customers are on their own. He believes that in the future, marijuana and hemp will be grade just as tobacco.

Therefore, the farmers are going to sell their plants at different prices according to the quality. Texas Blue Diamond Solutions is a company based in Three Rivers, Texas. This company extracts and decorticates hemp. Nevertheless, nowadays, a standard tier or grade doesn’t exist across the different state lines. Many things are inconsistent. For example, the rates which they pay for each percentage point of some cannabinoids can vary. Those rates don’t account for the actual quality of the crops and can be inconsistent.

It is different from tobacco. Because you could get a harvest of excellent quality and therefore have a specific premium, if you have other plans that didn’t turn out too good, you could still sell it because that would not be a problem. Muñiz says that he is more concerned about how they prep the hemp for extraction when his house brand gets it. At that moment, he deems it worth investing in storing because he wants to ensure that they store the hemp at a facility that has controlled humidity and cool temperatures.

Restoring Peak Freshness

Processors don’t need just to outsource their input prep or handle it all by themselves. Because there are more options now, some processors decided to buy terpenes that they can add after the extraction.

“At Eybna Technologies, Chatow and her colleagues researched terpene degradation in even properly stored cannabis and found double-digit declines in the prevalence of some terpenes in the first two weeks after harvest.” 

Therefore, processors that are looking for big flavor have to extract the cannabis before they dry it. They may try solventless extraction. But that process can be expensive and slow. Or they may buy terpenes which they can later add to replace any amount that they lost.

Planning Ahead

The cannabis extractors need to think through their whole business model. Once they do that, they can decide how much they want to get involved in the pre-extraction preparation. Because how much biomass you require and how you come up with it is dictated by what you choose to produce because you want to preserve whatever cannabinoid you need to use within that biomass.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, extractors are choosing more and more to use proper methods to dry, cure, and store. The reason behind this is that they want to get the best outcome. Therefore, prepping camp for extraction can make a big difference.

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