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Purple Zacatecas- Cannabis Strain Review

Purple Zacatecas- Cannabis Strain Review

Purple Zacatecas Strain

People find the Zacatecas such an appealing strain due to its satisfying high. The purple Zacatecas belongs to the Sativa is often best for hardcore cannabis users. The sugary flavors and moderate THC levels make it such a better option for recreational purposes. Landrace strains are becoming rare, and it takes hard work to find the seeds. It is now essential for the breeders to mix the available cannabis to give rise to the new ones. The number of hybrids in the market is now increasing. However, it will be interesting to try out the Purple Zacatecas strain that represents a glimpse of the golden age of Marijuana. Let’s consider the highly rated hybrid, which belongs to the Sativa family.

What Is the Purple Zacatecas Strain?

The Purple Zacatecas strain is a Sativa strain that is a native plant in the Mexican Zacatecas region. The strain is the parent of the Big Sur holy weed that originates from the Bodhi seeds. It has pleasant coloring and health effects that have earned it a reputation among cannabis users.

Purple Zacatecas strain will cause a cerebral high immediately after the intake. You will feel elevated and happy once you take it. Your energy levels will also rise, and therefore it makes it the best option for morning use. You can also use the Purple Zacatecas strain when you need a burst of energy during the late evenings. Zacatecas will make the user stop feel more creative and reflective, and you won’t experience any burnout when you are coming out from the high.


Most Sativa strains will have a piney and sweet scent, which is the case with the purple Zacatecas strain. The sugary smell is the first thing you will experience once you break the buds. You will then experience the harsh aroma once you burn it.


The Zacatecas strain has a sweet taste aroma that resembles its original smell. The sugary flavor is enjoyable after the first smoke. You may not notice anything else, but if you are a beginner, you will experience some hints of cinnamon and licorice that buries deep in their flavors.


The Zacatecas strain has a minty green color and a spade-shaped nug that makes it recognizable among the cannabis Sativa strains. It also has orange hairs and crystal trichomes that give it a striking appearance, but the purple undertones take the better part of the strain.

Purple Zacatecas Strain Grow Info

It may not be a walkover to cultivate the purple Zacatecas because of the rarity of the seeds in the market. An attempt to get seeds may prove futile, but it will be easier if you use clippings from the plants. The pieces of information about cultivation are scarce. But think of growing it as an indoor and outdoor plant because they will do well if you care about all the conditions.

The purple Zecatecas tend to flourish when you light them using LEDs. You may only not like the LED lighting because it is expensive and may not add any value to your Zecatecas strain quality. Planting light feeders could be a milestone because you won’t need to spend on fertilizers or other planting essentials. Many planters will implement an organic feeding pattern because it is a sure way to get quality yield from your Sativa strain.

Purple Zacatecas will not experience serious harm from pests and diseases. The common pests that affect Zecatecas are botrytis and powdery mildew. The harvest when you grow it outdoors is hefty, and you can expect it in late October. Zacatecas belongs to the landrace family that does not have a high THC content. You will expect the THC to range from 14 to 16%. The level of CBD in the Zacatecas cannabis strain is only 0.1% and may not be best if you take it as a source of CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Zacatecas

Hardcore cannabis consumers may find purple Zacatecas mild. Despite being famous among the MMJ patients who have access to it, it is still considered a mild option for the hardcore user with a high THC content above 28%. The Zacatecas is best for people who have problems with attention levels, focus, and stress. Patients who have ADD/ADHD may derive some benefits from consuming the strain. The benefits impact how the sensory nerves perceive it, relieving the patient from such conditions.

Notably, the purple Zacatecas is not potent, but you can be sure to benefits from it when you are experiencing some pain. It can also be an excellent relaxant when you had long working hours during the day, and you can do with some bit of relaxation. You can also use the strain during the day when you feel you cannot get sufficient energy that will keep you going while discharging your daily duties. It is an excellent source of a burst of energy that will willpower you throughout the day. Anxiety and depression is also another disorder that may hurt you. You are safe from stress when you have the purple Zacatecas because you won’t need to experience the pain again.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Zacatecas Strain

The levels of THC are mild in purple Zacatecas, and the negative side-effects are less. You won’t expect any severe impacts because the THC levels are low. You will only experience mild issues such as dry mouth, dry eyes, and some increased anxiety. You should always be careful with strains when you are getting started, and you should think of stopping it when it gives you adverse effects. The side effects are not universal to everyone, and you may not even notice these side effects.

Bottom Line

Purple Zacatecas weed is the best for people who needs to try an old-school cannabis strain. Its relatively mild high is best for the novices who have a low tolerance to THC. The product is good when boosting energy, or you want to feel a little better. You can also increase your level of focus and creativity with this best cannabis strain.

It may be a challenge to grow the purple Zacatecas. But it becomes easier when you decide to use the clippings. You only need to be sure that you are using the purple Zacatecas plants to get the best clippings. The plant is relatively easy to plant or cultivate.


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