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Hemp has been the source for quite a few revelations. The extracts and the plants of Hemp has found new demand among people. This is why you Hemp Lifestyle Magazine is trying to bring you all the latest in the world of hemp. You will find educational posts about hemp and its many benefits as well as getting an idea about hemp products. We also try to provide informational content on Hemp Extracts such as CBD.

CBD oil bottle by cannabis leaves
Why Is CBD Oil Expensive?
A woman is using dropper to test CBD oil
10 Amazing Ways to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil
CBD and THC entourage effect
Why CBD Works Better With Traces of THC
A woman with red eye
Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?
CBGA formula
What is Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA)?
cbg-vs-cbn formula
CBG vs CBN: What’s The Difference?
Ground Turmeric in a bawl and on a spoon, raw turmeric and CBD oil in a bottle are placed in an wooden floor
CBD Oil With Turmeric – What Are The Benefits?
CBD Oil Cause Dry Mouth
Can CBD Oil Cause Dry Mouth?
Cannabis leaves
Does CBD Work Without THC?
CBD vs. THC: Learn the Differences
How Much CBD to Take
CBD Dosage: How Much CBD to Take

CBD 101

CBD is one of the cannabinoids which is most abundant in cannabis Sativa plants. There are many ways through which you can ingest CBD products into the body. CBD will influence the endocannabinoid system by mimicking the endocannabinoid receptors. The process impacts the homeostatic processes in the body. The homeostatic processes are responsible for maintaining stable conditions in the body. Hemp lifestyle magazine educates the readers on the best practices that will give high-quality CBD basing on research and interviewing the industry experts.

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Buyers Guide

It has never been easier for CBD beginners to choose the best CBD products available on the best website. The information from the website may be incorrect, and you may not get an accurate dose that will work well with your body. Hemp Lifestyle Magazine is here to help you. The site shall be deliberating on prudent factors that will make it easier to make a buy decision.

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Memorial Day CBD Sales and Deals in 2022
Valentine’s Day CBD Sales and Deals in 2022
Christmas CBD sales and deALS
Best Christmas CBD Sales and Deals 2021
Black Friday CBD sales and deals
Black Friday CBD Deals & Sales
cyber monday cbd offers
Best Cyber Monday CBD Deals & Sales
Halloween CBD marketing
Halloween CBD Sales and Deals- Best Brands
Labor Day CBD Sales & Deals
Labor Day CBD Sales & Deals for 2021
National CBD Day deals
Best 2021 National CBD Day Deals

Hemp 101

The fact that Marijuana and Hemp belong to the genus of Cannabis, may bring lots of confusion and make it so daunting to understand the factors that separate them. Hemp CBD is an option because it will only get the certification as Hemp if the THC levels are below o.3%.

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Hemp News

Being updated on everything about Hemp is a milestone for both the consumers and the industry investors. It may not always be easy to obtain the correct news about the industry when you are not in touch with the right informers. Hemp Lifestyle Magazine is in touch with the industry experts that know what Hemp is, and the information they give is accurate.

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Real McCoy strain
The Real McCoy -Cannabis Strain Review
White nightmare strain
White Nightmare – Weed Strain Review
Vortex cannabis strain
Vortex Cannabis Strain -Origins, Benefits, Potency
Royal dwarf strain
Royal Dwarf Strain- Cannabis Strain Review
Tangerine power
Tangerine Power strain-Cannabis Strain Review
White ryder strain
White Ryder Strain Review
Red dwarf strain
Red Dwarf Strain- Cannabis Strain Review
Pineapple 99 strain
Pineapple 99 Strain- Origins, Potency, Effects
Ortega strain
Ortega Cannabis Strain Review
Black domina strain
Black Domina Strain Review

Cannabis Strains

A strain developer is responsible for naming the strain. It explains why there are lots of strains in the market. The strains will be varying when it comes to taste, color and smell. They also have an originality difference. Most strains are often for recreational purposes and may also have medicinal purposes.

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